The Future of TerraTech

Now that TerraTech 1.0 is imminent, we’re busy planning for the future of the TerraTech IP. We have lots of plans – some realistic, some a little more ambitious, but they all form part of our ideal view of what TerraTech could become.

We haven’t put a time limit on how much more we want to do to TerraTech. Some of that will be dictated by resources, but more importantly it will be affected by you, the community. You have been the lifeblood of the game since we launched back in 2015, and we wanted to share our roadmap outline for post 1.0 TerraTech and beyond.

The below is in a rough order of priority, but of course somethings will be subject to change depending on how progress goes. We haven’t explicitly listed bug fixes and general polish because those are ongoing activities.

Next up

These will be our first priority post launch.

  • Hot swapping between tech snapshots (store and deploy in a single action)
  • Improving core AI behaviours (Follow, Harvest etc)
  • Co-op Creative mode
  • Full gamepad support (PC)

Short Term

Things which we’ll aim to add in successive updates this year and into next year.

  • Co-op Campaign mode. We’re not promising a full implementation (it’s very complicated!) but some form of real-time shared playthrough
  • A map!
  • A proper in-game Blockpedia
  • Flexible Tech controls, to accommodate different vehicle archetypes and grouped Block functions
  • Ongoing improvement to AI behaviours: more variety and personality
  • General improvements to the current session-based multiplayer experience (hosting features, PvP balancing…)
  • Better management of user-generated content systems (eg Invasions)
  • Cloud saves
  • More new blocks
  • More environment biome variety
  • New mission and event types
  • Graphical enhancements and new customisation options

Medium Term

Less urgent (though no less important) goals. Some of these will make it into TT1.x, some potentially even this year, but some may prove slower or even be too big in scope for this version of TerraTech.

  • Re-working / re-balancing core systems to increase variety and gameplay depth:
    • Weapon types and ranges
    • Fuel & energy systems, and storage
    • Shields, health and regen
    • Player ‘death’ and recovery mechanics
    • SCU and inventory management
  • Quality of experience enhancements:
    • Intelligent block rotation
    • Semi-automated build/re-build function
  • Set piece mission locations in the world
  • New types of scripted content
  • New AI features:
    • Flying AI
    • Enemy encampments that spawn AIs and affect the local environment
  • More dynamic enemy population composition
  • Improved models for aerodynamics and wheel physics
  • New Corporation(s)
  • New multiplayer modes and quality improvements
  • Increased graphical detail and deep cosmetic customisation

Long Term

These are things that we believe in, but we really don’t know how soon we’ll be able to start them. Some these are real blue-sky topics!

  • Water and other fluid environments: physics, game mechanics and world generation
  • Jointed and animated Techs
  • Structural stress simulation
  • World deformation (tunnelling)
  • Dynamic economy simulation
  • Spherical planets, space propulsion, interplanetary travel

As always, we are hugely influenced by what you – our players – tell us, so please let us know what you’re excited about, and what else you’d like to see.

This is a high-level list so don’t worry about specific bug fixes or feature details – that’s not what this is for.

Of course, everyone has different priorities so there is no one roadmap that will please everyone, but we do promise to take everything you tell us into account as we plan ahead.