Payload’s Festival of Food!


We love providing our Paylaoders with opportunities to socialise and celebrate together and we recently organised some fun events. 

In May we held our very first Festival of Food! Everything available was made, or suggested by, Payloaders and we were really impressed with the variety on show. 

The range of tasty treats included:

⭐Char Siu Sou (Chinese honey roast pork pastry)

⭐Boiled Peanuts (made with Hawaiian red salt and spices)

⭐Lamingtons (Australian sponge cake), ANZAC Biscuits and Vegemite on Toast

⭐Ube Puto (Filipino steamed rice cake) and Ube Pandesal with Ube Halaya (Filipino bread rolls with a jam like filling)

⭐Fruitcake made with Northumbrian Mead (from Lindisfarne on Holy Island)

⭐Home Brewed Pale Ale

⭐Lithuanian Kvass (non-alcoholic drink)

⭐ And lots more!

A huge thanks to everyone who made/baked a dish or bought something along. It was a great chance to try some tasty treats and learn about food and drink from around the world.

In our most recent social we tried something a bit different – roller skating! A few of our team had fun learning how to roller skate, or in some cases honing their skating skills, as well as socialising with fellow Payloaders.